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Luxury Home Staging

Home Staging is more than delivering the look, our staged homes are 93% more likely to sell immediately. We work with our clients and their surroundings to create a stunning and cohesive livable space. Whether you are trying to get the most out of your property or give your house an updated look, our team consistently pulls in well above the PNW market standard 30% more than listed and asking price.  It's a win-win kind of scenario.

Home Staging
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Home Staging

A fully vacant home that we enter and stage top to bottom seems to yield the best results, but all kinds of staging options are available to our clients: Entire home, Mixed items partnership with homeowner, and Select Rooms.  Size does not matter, we do Downtown Studios and Magnolia Mansions, with everything in between.

Model Homes

Often our developer or investor partners with multiple townhomes will bring us in and have us put a staging into a 'model' home to sell all units.  Or we can move the staging from one unit to another as they sell off.



Experience Design Project offers a comprehensive hit list to realtors and/or homeowners to help them prep for the best ways to prep their home for listing day.

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