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Serving home owners, real estate agents, and builders

in Greater Seattle Area since 2015

We are a small business located in downtown historic Renton.  We are women owned, tough and built with flex.  Over time we have orchestrated a dance that is fast moving and effective.  Either staging or interior design, we are best suited with clients that are really busy and just want it done already. 


Due to our extensive inventory in house, we are capable of having 30 houses out at once or in constant rotation.  We get in, get the job done, and get out with a photographer nipping at the heels same day.


Our company has a diverse design team with extensive knowledge in many aspects of design. Whether your home needs a quick refresh, design from the ground up, or an airbnb venture, our team is here to help and make it happen.

We can now offer our clients a showroom to visit us, it allows us to show you what we love and what we can offer right away.  Either ordering from our wholesale vendors or checking you out on the spot with in-store books, pillows and accessories.


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Scooping up some pre-owned furniture and keeping my day job in retail management, I started dedicating weekends to staging.  Enter the blood, sweat and tears everyone speaks about while starting up in the beginning and then the leap.  I quit my day job in 2016 and invested everything I had back into this very small staging company that I worked hard to double up each year.  In 2021 I moved into my current 10,000 sf warehouse, about to launch my retail and ecommerce side to the business in Fall 2022.  

Our foundation was staging, but due to it's success we have since branched out to interior design and home design services.  We received acclaim through our staging and many clients that purchase homes we have touched, ask us back to create a similar home in their real lives.

We live for beauty and to be able to bring that to everyone we meet, we want our clients to become their best self and be proud of their home.  Our favorite part is towards the end when they tell us about the bbq, cocktail or tea party they had to throw asap to get friends and family over to enjoy and take in the new surroundings.  Or the agent giddy with excitement, telling us they received multiple offers and picked the top offer that was beyond their hopes and dreams.

Our company was built by word of mouth, our aesthetic was created by years of fashion exposure and merchandising training, our titles were created when we were five years old, and our goal is to reach deep into the community and make a lasting and timeless impact.


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